The floor has dropped out from under the comedy world after the passing of legendary writer and stand-up comedian Garry Shandling yesterday, and dozens of celebrity friends and fans have already expressed their shared grief online. Now, Conan O'Brien and Jessica Seinfeld (wife of Seinfeld's Seinfeld) have released their own tributes to the late, great, and highly-influential comic.

Conan dedicated the entire monologue of his TBS talk show to talk about how Shandling helped him through NBC's infamous 2010 Tonight Show debacle, which took a heavy toll on O'Brien's emotional and spiritual well-being. The story culminates with O'Brien and Shandling laying on a Hawaiian beach and watching the sunset together, an incredibly romantic scene which just happened to reflect a classic segment starring the two from Conan's turn hosting the Emmys years earlier in 2002.

Sources: Jessica Seinfeld | Team Coco