Daniel Radcliffe has a horrible new haircut. But he had to do it. For a movie. Where he plays a neo-Nazi. Those dudes have no hair, you know?

Radcliffe shared a photo of his new look via, inexplicably, Google Plus. He wrote, "Here's the first look of me as FBI agent Nate Foster in IMPERIUM. We began filming the movie this week. I'm very excited about it and will tell you more about it soon!" Nate Foster was a real-life FBI agent who went undercover with white supremacists trying to build a dirty bomb. Long story short, this movie ain't exactly Harry Potter (or that cute rom-com where Radcliffe dates Zoe Kazan or that funny receptionist prank video or that time he rapped "Alphabet Aerobics" or that cameo in Trainwreck or any other too-brief moments we glimpsed his voluminous, tousled mane. Sigh...).

Sources: Google Plus: Daniel Radcliffe