Will the real Harry Potter please stand up?

"Sorry for subjecting you to that." (via Getty)

For the second act in what I can only hope is Daniel Radcliffe trying to become Bill Murray by getting caught doing random, everyday things, Radcliffe was filmed doing karaoke at Cameron's pub in Half Moon Bay, California on Saturday. He was with his girlfriend, Erin Darke, and the two of them rapped "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem on karaoke. Well, Radcliffe mainly did the rapping, while Darke did a hilarious, exaggerated dance while shouting along to the chorus. The rapping was fun to watch, but that comes as no surprise; we all know that Lil Danny can drop some rhymes. He keeps up with the pace, and there's something so magnificently awkward about him nervously rhyming about clitorises and putting his bum on people's lips in a half-British, half-American accent. Let's hope this leads to a mixtape, preferably one titled "36 Chambers of Secrets" or "Scary Potter and the Half-Blunt Prince."

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