You hear that buzzing? That's the Internet, still buzzing over the naked selfie Kim Kardashian posted to Twitter on Monday. Oh, how that buzzing deafens!

In the time since she uploaded the image, the controversies have just piled on top of one another. First, she was called out for posting an old picture instead of showing off her post-baby bod. Then, celebrities like Chloe Grace Moretz and Bette Midler took shots at her, so she hit back with a Twitter rant worthy of her husband. Then, Bette Midler responded, and the Internet truly broke.

Now, another beloved celebrity from the past has weighed in with his own unique take. Danny Tamberelli, well-known to 90s kids for his role as Little Pete in The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Of course, he's not little anymore—Tamberelli is 34, just slightly younger than Kim Kardashian. So there's nothing inappropriate about him showing a little skin too. That's exactly what he did, channeling Kim for an unforgettable selfie he posted to his own Instagram account.