Ah, those magic words: "Alison's reps confirm the exciting news to ET." We can only hope it's the same thing they told their families. Dave Franco, 31, and Alison Brie, 34, tied the knot on... well, they confirmed it on Monday, and that's all we know. Can't you just brie franc with us, guys?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the stars of Neighbors 2 and How to Be Single, respectively, are "notoriously private." But as Someecards wrote about this couple an eternity ago: "It's just so heartwarming when really attractive people double up."


So here's all the info gossip magazines have been able to pry out of them since the engagement in August 2015:

"I'm not very bridal, instinctually," said Alison Brie to Yahoo! Style. “Marriage never really interested me, I guess because I was very focused on my work. I wasn’t sure if I really saw the point to it. I bought a dress on Net-a-Porter, and I’m like, ‘Maybe I’ll wear that.'”

Did she wear that?!


"I don't know if I'm gonna have a best man," said Dave Franco to ET regarding his wedding. "I feel like when we do eventually get married, we're not gonna do a lot of the traditions and we're just gonna make it easy and who knows?"

Did they do a lot of the traditions?!

Congratulations to the happy couple! We're ready to see your wedding photos as soon as you feel comfortable sharing them on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.