Debby Ryan just got 700% cooler...who knew she had a Giphy channel filled with all the GIFs you could ever want?

On June 15, the GIF turned 30 and part of the celebration included Facebook’s new feature allowing you to add GIFs to comments. On Twitter, people shared some of the best GIFs around with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGIF.


Debby Ryan, a fan of GIFs, just like the rest of the world, jumped in on the birthday celebration by tweeting: “A .gif has gotta be worth like ten thousand words. #HappyBirthdayGIF I don't know what my text game would be without you cc: @GIPHY.” It came personalized with her own GIF:


GIPHY took notice, tweeting a mind-blowing GIF of Debby and writing: “The moment you realize that @DebbyRyan has her own #GIPHY channel.”

Debby explained “Just tryna be the .gifs I want to see in the world.”


Debby, we can’t thank you enough.

Check out her channel, with 51 GIFs for so many occasions. Some of our faves...

Sarcastic Clap.


Insane Week.


And All the Expressions You Can Handle.

Bonus: Baby Doll Hands. Creepy and Funny.