Did Rebecca Black just disavow "Friday"?!


                      I hate to break it to you, but they may never actually hear of it.

Whoah. Rebecca Black might have just rejoined reality. If you don't know who Rebecca Black is, I'm glad you've recovered from the coma that made you miss "Friday," the song of 2011, as well as the bajillion jokes about her since. Now, we all know that "Friday" was terrible. There is no need to go into that. It's even on her Wikipedia page that everyone hated it.

That being said, she's done very well by it. We all know that she paid to have the thing (I refuse to call it a "music video") made by Ark Music Factory, headed by human fountain of terribleness Patrice Wilson. She did so well that other terrible people have tried to imitate her, and ended up making her look like a pro by comparison. At age 16, she is the godmother of virally terrible vanity music videos.

What I didn't know until just now was that she retained all the rights to the song and video, which has gotten 137 million views on YouTube, and her albums broke into the Billboard 100 in English-speaking countries. She has her own record label. She got help from Ryan Seacrest (for what I have no idea). She's in the "Last Friday Night" video. They did "Friday" on Glee.


What could she possibly regret? Oh, right. That it sucks.

(by Johnny McNulty)