Here's a secret that actress Emma Thompson has been holding onto for years: She once turned Donald Trump down for a date. Probably because he asked her in the weirdest way possible.

Thompson recalled her bizarre encounter with Trump in an interview for Sweden's SVT earlier this week.

Thompson revealed that she was sitting in her trailer on a Hollywood during production of her 1998 movie, Primary Colors, when the phone rang.

"I lift up the phone. 'Hi, it’s Donald Trump here.' I said, 'Really? Well, can I help you?'"


Thompson said she had never met Trump before, so she was understandably a little shocked to have him calling her in her trailer.

After offering her accommodations in one of his hotels, Thompson said Trump revealed his real reason for calling.

"I think we would get on very well, maybe we could have dinner sometime."

WHAAAAAT?! What does one say when Donald Trump calls them up out of the blue and asks them out, without having ever met them? We think Emma Thompson handled it pretty well:


"I didn’t know what to do with myself," she recalled. "I was on my own and I just said, 'Erm, I’ll get back to you.'"

And that was the end of it. Emma Thompson still hasn't met Trump to this day, but she does seem to still be wondering what would've happened if she said yes to a date with him.

When asked at the beginning of the interview if she'd said yes when Trump asked her out, Thompson joked: "I wish I had [accepted] ― think of the stories!"