There is one thing on all of America's minds right now, as we collectively tremble in anticipation (freak out) over an event that could impact the world as we know it: the possible union of Drake and Taylor Swift. Are they dating????? The latest sign points to: probably, maybe, yes.

Drake posted this pic on Instagram this morning, from his 30th birthday party back in October (the same party where he and Swift were reportedly "canoodling"):

Is that velvet? 🌺

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The rapper captioned the pic "Is that velvet?" but we all know the real question on everyone's minds is: "IS THAT TAYLOR SWIFT?"

And the answer is yes, yes it is. Because:


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Batten down the hatches, folks. Because these two might actually be canoodling.

It could get messy, because they both have their baggage. Drake has been on-again, off-again with possibly-his-one-true-love Rihanna since the beginning of time (he bought her a billboard, people!!!!). And Taylor is recently out of two relationships, after breaking up with Calvin Harris over the summer and then breaking up with Tom Hiddleston early this fall.


I have to give Taylor credit though, she bounces back quick! Now please, let "Swake" be a thing. Because whether you love or hate this potential couple, we all need something to distract us from the actual, possible end of the world as we know it.

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