There aren't many bright, joyful narratives in the world of celebrity gossip, but the few we have are beautiful and should be treasured and held onto as a reason to live. We should list them to ourselves like Woody Allen at the end of Manhattan (ignoring the fact that it's Woody Allen).

Those stories are, of course, anything that makes Taylor Swift look bad; stories involving The One Good Man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; the ongoing secret genius of Blac Chyna; the Twitter presence of Cher, Carrie Fisher, and Bette Midler; and, above all, the slight-but-convincing possibility that Drake and Rihanna are f*cking. If Drake and Rihanna are f*cking, then there is at least one beautiful thing in the world. And, well, Drake just bought Rihanna a billboard, so stay alive, stay alive another day: