"Kill... me... Killllll... meeeeee..."

In the not-very-distant past, there was a conversation in E!'s digital editorial department that went something like this:

E! employee #1: I have an idea. Let's make a list of a whole bunch of female human beings and break them down into their component body parts and then invite thousands of members of the online public to cast their votes for the most favorable pieces. Then we will compile these selections into a single composite grotesquerie for the amusement of the people who frequent our website. 

E! employee #2: Yes. Let us dedicate many human hours to seeing this very noble project through to realization.

Granted, those probably aren't the exact words they used. But it had to have been something uncomfortably close to that. Otherwise, there is no way to explain the existence of this Photoshopped abomination:

(via E!)

I don't know what's more offensive: that E! thought it was acceptable to objectify women's body parts in such a way that your average serial killer would find creepy, or that Gabrielle Union somehow beat out Emily Blunt for best arms. I mean, come on! Am I right? 


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: E! | h/t Jezebel