Um, dude. You've got some lion on your chest.

Halfway and ouch

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Ed Sheeran posted a photo of a new tattoo he's in the process of having inked. As you can see, it's a crazy gigantic lion across his whole chest. Interesting choice.

According to E! News, the tattoo is in honor of the English National Team and Sheeran selling out three shows at Wembley Stadium. But also, maybe, he just wanted to tattoo a crazy gigantic lion across his whole chest?

Sheeran captioned the photo, "Halfway and ouch." And now that song about people falling in love in mysterious ways is stuck in my head for the next two weeks. Sheeran, Sheeran, Sheeran. You were fun when you surprised a fan singing your song at a mall. When are you going to do that again?

Sources: E! News