A few lucky travelers got to spice up their lives recently, and they didn't even know it was happening. Emma Bunton (also known as Baby Spice) teamed up with British Airways recently to play a Spice Girls-inspired prank on some unsuspecting passengers.

Bunton dressed up as a member of the British Airways staff and approached customers at London's Heathrow Airport, offering them assistance. Like any good airline employee, she guided the passengers through check-in procedures - only she did it using as many Spice Girls lyrics as possible. The results were truly hilarious.


It seems there weren't many Spice Girls fans at the airport that day, given that most people didn't seem to recognize Baby Spice. They were all great dancers, though.

Emma Bunton's prank was in honor of Red Nose Day, a fundraising event in the UK that raises money to help people in poverty.

Saving the world, one obscure Spice Girls lyric at a time.

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