Sacre bleugh! Gerard Depardieu hasn't let himself go; he's released himself to the wild.

This is horrible, but it's actually way nicer than the usual "look which female celebrities had the audacity to go to the beach while being 35 at the same time" issue that this cover is mocking. The Frisky makes a good point, which is that the fact that this seems absurd means it's equally absurd to do it to women, and just as irrelevant to their acting work. That being said, we're fine either way. If the world wants to improve itself and stop exploiting women, that's wonderful. If we decide to just subject both genders to humiliation and exploitation, that's okay, too. We'd prefer reason and respect, but we won't turn down pictures of fat Leo and hot Channing if it means men and women are equally dehumanized.

Sources: The Frisky