I see now why so many people always choose Rock.

This redditor from Idaho and her family came into possession of a life-sized cutout of The Rock, aka Dwayne "How Long Until People Stop Calling Me The Rock?" Johnson. She and her folks somehow managed to find time amidst the hustle and bustle of Idaho living to reenact virtually every rock pun they could imagine. The collection is pretty impressive, however it's actually much shorter than they intended it to be. Sadly , one of the duties of any life-sized The Rock cutout is to attend any and all parties possible, and he never made it return from one of his many drunken shindigs. He'll live on forever on the Internet, though, soaking up our groans long after Dwayne Johnson gives up getting us to call him by his real name.

Sources: redditor MariettaLittleLamb