This is creating dangerous associations with tooth loss.

We're not talking about the earrings. (via Farrah Abraham)

Hey, Farrah Abraham is rich. She's rich for having a kid as a Teen Mom. Really rich people do weird stuff with money and if she's coming under fire for leaving her daughter, Sophia, $600 dollars for two front teeth, it's because she tweeted it to the universe. Old Money doesn't tell the world when they give their kids new ponies for getting their first haircut. That's a very Nouveau Riche move, Farrah!

Any reality TV celebrity is generally divisive and Farrah likes to court controversy. She'll be appearing on an upcoming episode of Botched, to talk about when she messed up her lips real bad, so maybe she threw up something to get the interwebs talking about her again? At least she has a sense of humor about the lip thing:

Sources: Farrah Abraham | h/t UpRoxx