Every year the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas hosts a Nicolas Cage film festival appropriately titled, "Caged." After four years of inviting the most meme-able celebrity on the planet, the Cage himself snuck into the back of the theater and watched four of his own movies.

After the screenings, Cage walked up to the front, drink in hand, and fielded a 45 minute Q&A. The drop-in was a surprise, but they captured the moment on Facebook Live.


Q: Was it weird to watch four of your movies? A: It was extraordinarily bizarre for me.

A few minutes into the Q&A, the host asks the "Face Off" star whether or not he's ever stolen from another actor. Nicolas Cage said, without hesitation, "yes."

H: They say the best artists create, but they also know when to steal, has there been anything that has been attributed to you, that you stole from someone else? Do you have anything like, "I got away with that one, people think that's mine now?"

NC: I mean, it is one of the brushes I paint with. It started with "Wild At Heart." Stanislavski said the worst thing you can do as an actor is imitate, and so me being me, I wanted to break those rules and start imitating. So like Andy Warhol would take these great collages of icons, I thought why not do that with Elvis? So for "Wild At Heart" I tried that with Elvis. And then most recently with "Dog Eat Dog," I did that with Humphrey Bogart. And its just something that you're not supposed to do, and therefor I want to do it."


What a guy. Even after almost an hour of answering questions, the weirdness was far from over. Nicolas Cage decided to do a cold-reading of his favorite work from Poe, "The Telltale Heart," which he says influenced him after reading it as a child. Fortunately, they got that on camera, too.

"The Telltale Heart" as read by Nicolas Cage.