If you ever wanted to set up a trap to catch Liam Neeson, let Big Star Sandwich Co. in Canada teach you how.

After employees of the sandwich spot heard that Neeson would be filming up the block from the restaurant, they quickly wrote "Liam Neeson eats here for free" on a sign in hopes of catching the actor's attention.

When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest

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Lo and behold— it actually worked.


Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

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Damn, if I had known it was this easy to meet celebrities, I would have put out a sign for Ryan Reynolds a long time ago.

Yep, it was definitely a long shot, but not even Liam Neeson could resist delicious free sandwiches in the end.

The restaurant even ended up naming a sandwich after him after his visit.


"The Neeson" has roast beef, bacon, habanero jack, chipotle mayo, bold BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, and Hickory Sticks. Mmm, sounds like delicious heartburn.

Extra points if you say, "I will find you, and I will eat you" to your sandwich before you take your first bite.


It doesn't matter if you are rich and famous, just tell someone free food is involved and they will come running.

Celebrities— they really are just like us!