15 celebrities who are surprisingly hilarious on social media.

15 celebrities who are surprisingly hilarious on social media.

Most celebs use social media to promote their latest projects, shut down trolls, or simply to show off how good-looking they are. Although selfies, meltdowns, and beefs are highly entertaining, there's nothing better than a celebrity who uses their online presence to just be flat out funny. Here are 15 of the funniest (non-comedian) famous people on social media right now.

1. Ryan Reynolds talks shrinkage in Paris.

2. Model Chrissy Teigen jokes about the joys of pregnancy.

3. Katy Perry is a human mic drop.

Au revoir girl 👋🏼

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4. Josh Groban makes songs for your wedding and Viagra jokes for your commercial breaks.

5. Channing Tatum dresses as a low budget PBILF.

6. Jessica Biel is being such a Carrie right now.


7. Anna Kendrick is channeling her inner Fat Bastard.


8. Is this a joke, or an actual fact Ken Jennings learned on Jeopardy?

9. Chris Pratt's hilarious #tbt will make you #dtf.


10. Twitter Rob Lowe is even funnier than Lifetime movie Robb Lowe.

Then again, maybe not.

15 celebrities who are surprisingly hilarious on social media.

11. Betty White promotes 'Deadpool' with a potty mouth.

12. Brandon McCarthy throws balls for the Dodgers and throws karate chops for his neighbors.


13. Not sure if Britney Spears is trying to be funny on social media, but she's crushing it nonetheless.

Upgrading to HOT bread! I'm so grateful!

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14. Dax Shepard is an Oreo purist.

15. His adorable wife Kristen Bell geeks out on Instagram.

Then they go ahead and join forces and post something like this to make us all jealous.


These celebs are rich, good-looking, and funny? It just doesn't seem fair.