In Game of Thrones, it seems Lena Headey's Cersei Lannister will stop at nothing to secure and retain power. But in real life, as a working actress, Headey draws a strong ethical line: she won't flirt with directors to get a role.

Speaking with British fashion magazine The Edit, Headey said she is glad to be a little older, because it takes the emphasis off looks in casting:

I’m happier now I’m older, playing women who aren’t expected to be beautiful. That pressure has gone for me. [Male] actors can be ‘interesting’, but there’s a real pressure on women to be beautiful and skinny. When I was in my twenties, and doing a lot of audition tapes in the States, a casting director told me: “The men take these tapes home and watch them and say, ‘Who would you f***?’” I’ve never played the game of going in [to auditions] and flirting; I’ve never done it.


When her interviewer asked if that policy has ever kept her from getting a job, Headey said: "Yes, and I’m very happy I didn’t." Besides, it's their loss—right?

At any rate, one thing's for sure: after Game of Thrones, Headey will probably never have to audition again. Directors will be lining up to offer her parts.

Long live the Queen.