George Clooney, in his rakish-est scarf. (via Getty)

George Clooney certainly is a rascal, isn't he? Tales of the roguish leading man's endearingly profligate prankishness have spread far and wide in the entertainment media. It's pretty much at the point where, if you get within 100 yards of him and do not find yourself the victim of an adorably jaunty prank, you can probably expect Death to call upon you within a fortnight's time.

Anyway, as many people probably don't remember, Clooney actually had a small recurring role on the '90s-era ABC sitcom Roseanne. When that show's eponymous star, Roseanne Barr, was a guest on CBS's The Talk (it's like The View, but less so), she fielded some questions about a particularly scampish prank that the young scoundrel played on his cast-mates. Let's just say that it involves his penis, a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, a camera and the set's refrigerator: