Gigi Hadid is no longer welcome in China, according to a report from Evening Standard. Back in February, Hadid sparked an online backlash when she appeared in her sister Bella's Instagram video "mocking" Buddha. The short video shows Hadid squinting her eyes cartoonishly while holding a miniature Buddha cookie. While the video itself is brief, it's clear that Hadid was mimicking the Buddha in an offensive and painfully predictable way.

When the video first came out, Hadid's boyfriend Zayn Malik, who is Southeast Asian jumped to her defense on Twitter. "Trust me...she likes Asians ;)" he wrote.


As you can imagine, a good handful of people on Twitter didn't think his response was cute. Since, you know, sleeping with or dating someone of another race doesn't absolve someone of racist behavior.

The embarrassing video from the winter came back to haunt Hadid when she made an Instagram post on Tuesday announcing her excitement for the annual Victoria's Secret 2017 Show in Shanghai.


According to Evening Standard, several people expressed their dissent towards the idea of Hadid going to China, citing the Buddha video as the primary reason.

"We like some people who respects us, not you. What you have done made us unhappy. And Chinese do not welcome you. So don’t come to China," wrote one Instagram user, according to Evening Standard.

While Hadid quickly disabled the comment on her Instagram video, others took their disapproval to Twitter.


The Twitter user Tian C posted a screenshot of the Buddha video while expressing his distaste for Hadid.

Before the comments were disabled, a Hadid hater on Instagram took it to another level by claiming they got the Chinese authorities involved. "I have reported to the Chinese government, and I hope you can not come to China," the user wrote, according to Evening Standard.

The people of Twitter are tacitly NOT excited about the prospect of Hadid rolling through China.


Currently, the jury is out on whether the actual Chinese government will get involved (it seems highly doubtful but hilarious conceptually), and Hadid has not publicly responded to the most recent wave of backlash. However, The Victoria's Secret 2017 Fashion show will broadcast on November 28, so there's time for more developments.

Sources: EveningStandard