Gordon Ramsay, chef, entrepreneur, TV star, baby doppelganger, screamer of insults, hater of Girl Scout cookies, just did a Reddit AMA that was surprisingly honest and insightful.

Among the revelations:

He prioritizes quality time with his kids over quantity time. He hates people taking shortcuts more than anything else. If he wanted to wow a dinner guest at home, he'd make "roasted loin of venison finished with a sort of red wine sauce that's been thickened with a dark, bitter chocolate."

And does he prefer waffles to pancakes? Well, his answer is appropriately strategic, for a chef who's famous for being picky and decisive:


When a fan asked about plans to bring his UK show "The F Word" to American TV, Gordon said the biggest challenge was convincing the network to give him and his notoriously dirty mouth a live show. But he has a solution. New swear words:

"I've come up with great alternatives to cursing words. So, as opposed to saying 'shit,' I'm going to go 'shiiit-ake mushrooms.' As opposed to saying the word 'fuck,' I'm going to go 'fffruuuctose.'"


Very on-brand, don't you think?

Sources: Daily Mail