Look! She thinks she's better than you! (via Getty Images)

London Barbie has done it again. Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress that female haters want to be hated like and male haters want to have hate sex with, has reportedly succeeded in her campaign to have Vanity Fair soften a "hit piece" the magazine has been threatening to run about her for months now.

The only item ever mentioned from the article as possibly damaging to the Goop Brand was a possible affair with a Miami billionaire owner of the most ridiculously named hotel in the U.S., the Fountaineblue. And I'm aware that it's proabably a name with local significance, or named after something perfectly acceptable in France. But seriously, imagine getting into a cab at the airport and saying, "Take me to the Fountainebleau" and not sounding like an asshole.

Sources: Radar Online