Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dated for roughly five minutes back in 2012, and none of us can seem to get over it. Haylor will forever hold a special place in the hearts and minds of pop culture enthusiasts, which is probably why a BBC radio host asked Harry Styles if his new song, "Two Ghosts" was about Taylor Swift.

Things got very awkward.


When radio host Nick "Grimmy" Grimshaw demanded to know what the song was about, Harry started squirming like a little puppy dog. "I mean, I think it's pretty, like self-explanatory," he said.

When Grimmy kept pressing him, he turned to his manager, Jeffrey Azamoff, and pleaded, "Help me, Jeffrey!"

Eventually, Styles was able to regain his chill and come up with a (sort of) real answer to Grimmy's question.


"It's about... sometimes things change and you can be... you know, do all the same things and sometimes it's just different. You know?"

So articulate. Yes, Harry, we totally know.

Harry seemed to be in the clear, but then Grimmy started playing "Two Ghosts" and introduced it as "the one about Taylor Swift." And then Harry's brain melted.

Sorry, Harry. It's okay, though! She totally wrote one about you, too.