The ebb and flow of celebrity butt pictures is erratic, yet eternal.

Ouch 👿

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There was a time not too long ago (maybe you're too young to remember) called "July." Celebrity butts were plentiful and provocative back then. There was Bieber's butt. There was John Legend's butt. Everywhere you looked, it was celebrity butts for days. But then came a lull.

Now, without any fanfare, celebrity butts have made their triumphant return. Heidi Klum posted an Instagram photo featuring a butt, presumably her own, getting spanked by an instrument labeled "the naughty spoon." The caption, appropriately, screams "Ouch." What to make of this? Or should we try not to make too big a deal of it, in case the celebrity butts go away again? Should we try to pickle this ass to last us through the lean times? No. Let us feast.

Sources: Heidi Klum