Whether the result of a continued publicity scheme or because they actually tolerate each other's presence, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift attended a concert together. Not just any concert—it was squad member​ Selena Gomez's concert. Video footage confirms that the two had a good time.

Swift's BFF Abigail (of "Fifteen" fame) Snapchatted the event.

You can better analyze Hiddleston's experience in this still:

Up on the left-hand side we have 26-year-old pop star Taylor Swift enjoying the tunes of her good friend, Selena Gomez. Next to her is 35-year-old accomplished actor Tom Hiddleston, who seems like a good-natured guy. Despite evidence of the couple dancing together at the Met Gala that suggests he enjoys good/bad pop music, there's still something about his aura that cries out "WHY AM I HERE?"

Sources: h/t Yahoo