On April 8, Iggy Azalea was a guest on a radio show called "Orlando and The Freakshow," where she discussed, among other things, cutting off Nick Young's penis if he ever cheats on her again. You know, just a casual, friendly warning.

One of the hosts was talking about the two different kinds of athlete wives (because of course there are only two), and he had just finished detailing the type who was suspicious of her man's extracurricular activities. He was about to launch into a description of the second type of wife, one who is presumably okay with her famous husband hooking up with sports groupies (is "sports groupies" the correct term? Is that a thing?), when Azalea interjected, "No, I'm not cool with it, like, you will have half a penis." Only, she says it with her accent so it sounds much more fun. She continued, "I already said, 'one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat.'" YIKES. That means, mathematically, there's only so many times Young can screw up before he's been completely eunuch-ed by his wife. (Unless she always takes a quarter, in which case it's one of those things where she keeps slicing off smaller portions forever.)