Guess we finally found a look that Kylie Jenner just can't pull off.

On Monday, the lipstick sales-teen uploaded a few pictures and videos wearing the most confusing garment we have ever seen. We would call it a "cropped sweatshirt," but it's more like that scrap of fabric you wash your car with.

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Look, we are in full support of people wearing whatever the hell they want, Kylie included, but that said, this sweatshirt necklace just looks so, SO stupid.


What IS that? Did her shirt get caught in a lawnmower? Was she attacked by a dog?

Of course, Twitter had plenty of jokes about Kylie's adult bib:


Back in March, Urban Outfitters tried to pass off an equally skimpy $16 piece of fabric off as a top as well. Who knows, maybe we just don't understand fashion, or maybe clothes are just getting very, very ugly. Let's just hope that this is one trend that doesn't catch on.