They kick it off by calling her "Carla."

Even if you're not a huge Cara Delevingne fan, which makes sense since she is mostly eyebrows, saying she's being "awkward" in this is pretty condescending. Not as condescending as the anchors on Good Day Sacramento, who are really having their second in the limelight for being totally unprofessional on live TV.

Most people can't respond to the false cheer and intense over-articulation of a morning news anchor with anything close to matching enthusiasm. In this interview, Cara Delevingne seems subdued, but certainly not sullen or rude. It's 9AM the morning after her movie Paper Town's final premiere, for pete's sake! But her interviewers must have thought they deserved more, because they soon start to bait her, asking why she isn't as lively as she was in other interviews. Wow, needy much?

As their questions get more invasive she looks visibly annoyed, then frustrated. They talk over her and it looks like she's about to lose her temper and SURPRISE:

Our technical difficulties are that we're assholes. (via Good Day Sacramento)


There you go. If you're ever going to be on Good Day Sacramento, remember to take a fistful of uppers and have a little soft-shoe routine in your back pocket.

Sources: Good Day Sacramento