Do you feel a little creepy about this? You should, they're both teenagers.

He's obviously really happy to be with me

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Jaden Smith and his model girlfriend Sarah Snyder are like, super into each other. They were looking like a real couple at a show at New York Fashion Week, you know, just like a normal, every day rich teenage couple.

Hand in motion, about to kiss.
Hand in motion, about to kiss.

Jaden, 17, is known for his strange views about the universe... and acting, I think? Yeah, he's definitely done some acting. Sarah, 19, is known for her rap sheet. She stole a $16,000 handbag in June. I'm way more upset that there are handbags that cost $16,000 than the fact that she tried to steal one. Anyway, you're about to see a picture of them kissing with tongue. Here it goes:

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