Shia's agent arrives for a brainstorming session. (via Getty)

Shia LaBeouf is having a bad week. Which puts his current streak of bad weeks at about 150. First, the English co-star of his upcoming movie Nymphomaniac said during a interview that "people don't necessarily sympathize with him." Which sounds like an icredibly British way of calling someone a dipshit for attempting to turn plagurism into an art form by wearing a bag on their head when they should be promoting the movie you made together.

Usually actors are pretty good about looking out for each other, at least in public. Because even when they hate each other, celebrities rarely risk alienating anyone they think they may work with or might be able to help them in the future. So when Jerry O'Connell starts teeing off on you in public and Jason Biggs calls you a "dick in a bag," it's a clear sign that your star has begun collapsing on itself.

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