Aw, sh*t, Gawker. You just got Franco'd. Ew, I did not like typing that.

Talking about how clever a celebrity was on social media is not something I like doing, but unfortunately, even I have to admit to chuckling at James Franco's Instagram spoofs of paparazzi photos. I also have to admit to being jealous at the genius of Franco's little game here: he gets to make out with whomever he wants without it appearing in tabloids because he's making fun of the tabloids. What an amazing pick-up line. "Hey, I'm James Franco. Want to make out with me? It's totally just for this thing I'm doing to make fun of paparazzi trying to catch celebrities making out with people. I realize you may well have said yes anyway, because I'm James Franco, but if you were wavering I just want you to know that this is for comedy." If I were him, I'd keep this hilarious prank going for as long as possible.

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