The internet found out Jamie Foxx isn’t really named Jamie Foxx and everyone imploded.

The internet found out Jamie Foxx isn’t really named Jamie Foxx and everyone imploded.

Over the weekend, jokesters of internet took a much deserved break from mocking Ivanka Trump to roast themselves for believing Jamie Foxx was actually "Jamie Foxx."

The comedian, actor, and shockingly excellent singer was not, through serendipity, given the world's sexiest stage name at birth.

Jamie Foxx is actually Eric Marlon Bishop.

In 2012, Yahoo explained why Foxx/Bishop changed his name, and it's full of interesting details. Like, the fact that Foxx had performed for years as a pianist under his birth name of Eric Bishop, but it was only the hellscape of comedy that forced him to undergo an identity transformation.

Apparently, open mic nights in 1989 tended to call up female comics first. So Jamie became Jamie so the open mic hosts would mistake him for a woman.

Don't you remember Kanye's "Gold Digger ft. Eric Marlon Bishop"?


Meanwhile, "Foxx" is a hat tip to '70s comedian Redd Foxx (himself born John Elroy Sandford). At first, the internet was mad at Jaime Foxx for deceiving them...


But then the internet got mad at people who got mad at Foxx for deceiving them. If you never really thought about it and took the time to publicly express your shock, the internet was quick to call you an idiot.


The third stage of this Foxx-related (non) revelation was everyone exposing their favorite pseudonyms. My favorite's Jon Leibowitz, AKA Jon Stewart.

Stop reading now if you don't want the glory of "Tina Fey" changed forever. Here's a few more notable celebrity birth names:

  • Stevie Wonder = Steveland Hardaway Judkins
  • Bruno Mars = Peter Hernandez
  • Rihanna = Robyn Fenty
  • Elton John = Reginald Kenneth Dwight
  • Tina Fey = Elizabeth Stamatina Fey
  • Katy Perry = Katy Hudson
  • Natalie Portman = Natalie Herschlag

So far, no response from Foxx about the internet turning his name change from nearly 30-years-ago into a trending topic.

That might be because he's also in the news for mocking sign language.

During an appearance with Jimmy Fallon, as Fallon recorded a giggly promo, Foxx sat beside him. Then he was caught doing, apparently, straight gibberish with his hands. Realllllllly classy stuff, Jamie, IF THAT'S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME. Which it isn't.


It's hard to respond to something as whimsical as the name "Eric" when Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin's calling you a hack.

By the way, Marlee Matlin is actually her real name.