A fun way to celebrate a one-year anniversary of a separation could be with a stack of divorce papers and chocolates shaped like broken hearts. But Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck celebrated theirs this week by continuing to wade through the murky waters of marriage purgatory.

A year ago, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced they were separating after a decade of marriage. But the former lovebirds seem to have no plans to make it official, and as a friend of Garner's told People, it's Affleck who's dragging his heels. "Ben still doesn't want the divorce" she said.

Garner has denied rumors of a reconciliation, and is apparently chill af with the whole awkward arrangement. "[She] doesn't seem to mind at all that [the divorce] is not finalized, [but] she seems adamant about going through with it," said the friend.

Sources: People