Jennifer Garner finally joined Instagram and it's as adorable as you'd expect.

Jennifer Garner finally joined Instagram and it's as adorable as you'd expect.

You know when your friend's mom joins Instagram and she creates the most precious and genuine bid for Internet friendship and your heart swells three sizes? Well, Buzzfeed revealed that Jennifer Garner just joined Instagram, and her first post is as adorable and pure as you'd expect.

The beloved star of Alias and Dude Where's My Car made her Instagram debut with a video that captures the essence of every parent who's confused by social media.

This is why people love her.

I am officially on Instagram! So, please follow me because isn't that how this works...? Xx, Jen

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As you can see, the video shows Garner first rearranging a marquis to say "Summer is almost over don't be sad. Because sad is DAS backward and DAS not good."

You're adorable, but still better than this level of mom-joke, Jen.

Being the worldly woman she is, she continued to rearrange the letters from her mom joke until her true message was revealed: "I am officially on Instagram so please follow me because isn't that how this works...?"


To be fair, it's pretty culturally impressive that a celebrity of her clout has managed to stay off social media this long, or at least, out of the magnetic clutches of Instagram.

It's where online productivity goes to die.

As showcased in her carefully curated video, Garner is intentional about her Internet presence. Back in 2014, Garner shared her social media concerns with People.


"What would I Instagram that people would want to see" There is nothing I would put out that people would want to see," Garner told reporters. "It’s probably best to stay away. They don’t want to see me and my mom friends after kindergarten drop-off."

Given how much the internet already loves Garner's first Instagram post, we beg to differ with her comments from 2014.

In times of global duress, what the world needs most (besides world peace and implementing drastic measures against climate change) is a collection of wholesome pictures of mom friends after kindergarten drop-off.