Social media means we all know instantly when, just a casual example, someone has been ousted from the Trump White House. But it's also an opportunity for people to share a whole lot about themselves. Jessica Simpson, apparently, is one such over-sharer.

Simpson, whose Instagram is an incredibly good follow, surprised her almost 4 million followers with a close-up shot of her leg hair sandwiched among the photos of her kids and her lovely pool.

"Missed a spot......" reads the caption. Celebrities, they're bad at shaving their legs, just like us!

Missed a spot...

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Needless to say, the comments on this reveal are out of control. Fans are writing in to tell Jessica how happy they are to see that even former pop stars hit the occasional shaving snag. "Right there with ya girl. 🤷🏻‍♀️ this just proves why I'm such a huge fan and will be forever," wrote one fan. "NAILED IT! Thanks for being relevant and honest! That sun catches those missed spots every time," agreed another. Others were just there to compare shaving tactics; everyone in the comments section seems to agree that ankles and knees are the trickiest of shave spots.


This comment is either a compliment, or a highly passive aggressive jab: "Just goes to show you're no different than us just have a little bit more money and maybe a lot better more looks hahaha".

Of course, there's also this guy: "Who gives a crap about your unshaved leg? This is newsworthy??" We don't disagree, but sometimes you just have to take your good news where you can get it, and today, that's on Jessica Simpson's leg.