Like McConaughey and Carrey themselves, the booger joke still has power even with age.

Even if you've stopped watching TV, you're probably aware that Matthew McConaughey has been shilling for the Lincoln car company in a manner so serious and self-important that it's weirding everyone out. It probably wouldn't be as bad if we didn't just spend the last two years finding out just how seriously Matthew "My hero is always myself in 10 years" McConaughey takes himself (hint: very seriously)—which makes Jim "The Majestic" Carrey a pretty good choice for mocking that mindset in this series of fake ads that ran during this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Carrey. If Jim Carrey is still in the market for an Oscar, maybe he should consider doing a full-length biopic of McConaughey made almost entirely out of spaced-out internal monologues:

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