J.K. Rowling is a no-nonsense Twitter user. If she sees something she doesn't like, she's going to call it out.

After a terrorist attack in London left 7 people dead and 48 wounded, The New York Times tweeted out a story about it and described the UK as "a nation still reeling" from the attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester a little under two weeks earlier.

Rowling wasn't buying it.


"The thugs who mowed down innocent people would love to think of the UK as 'reeling' but it isn't. Don't confuse grief with lack of courage," Rowling wrote in reference to The New York Times article.

Of course, when J.K. Rowling tweets just about anything, there's always one or two Twitter trolls that come out of the woodwork. This particular troll accused Rowling of being out of touch, and tweeting from her "walled off secured compound."


"Bless your heart," Rowling responded. "I'm traveling to London right now. You keep believing in Lex Luther, though. Keep that world view nice and simple." She ended the tweet with the ever-savage winky face emoji.

When another Twitter user pointed out that Rowling had misspelled Luthor (Superman's arch-nemesis), Rowling jokingly blamed the error on the effects living in a highly secured compound had on her auto-correct.

"Autocorrect goes haywire with the 10 foot-thick, lead-lined, nuclear blast-proof walls of my subterranean lair," Rowling joked. "And a shark ate my comic."


Later, when Donald Trump went on one of his traditional tweet rants, J.K. Rowling slammed him for his words about London's mayor, Sadiq Khan. Trump criticized Khan for telling Londoners that there was "no reason to be alarmed" about the heightened police presence in the wake of the attack.

J.K. Rowling had some choice words for the American president.


"It's called 'leadership,' Donald. The terrorists were dead 8 minutes after police got the call. If we need an alarmist blowhard, we'll call."

We are honestly shocked that Rowling hasn't been a subject of an early morning tweet rant from Donald Trump yet. Maybe this'll be the tweet that does it.