J.K. Rowling, the genius behind Harry Potter/your childhood casts spells and makes magic on Twitter. J.K. Rowling is proudly jk trolling (please forgive me), and bravely standing up to the online threats and evil douchery in the world.

Her are the 33 times the powerful Gryffindor best Gryffindored with more daring and nerve than anyone.

1. When she'd gladly be "so gay."

2. When she wouldn't even give a troll the saddisfaction.


3. When she recruited Stephen King to interpret Trump's delusion.

4. When she covfefe'd the covfefe.

5. When she graciously apologized.

6. When she defined compassion.


7. When she cited great literature.

8. When she confessed to her misdeeds.

9. When she stood up for penis hats.

10. When she read the fine print.


11. When she called out the Muggles.


12. When she didn't get the credit she deserved.

13. When she was gracious.

14. When she respected diversity of slurs.


15. When she recommended an optometrist.

16. When she spotted hypocrisy.

17. When she memed the Merkel meeting.

18. When she celebrated her scent.


19. When she explained her book to Piers Morgan.

20. When she thanked Morgan for the award.

21. When she questioned Morgan's excuse for missing out on the Wizarding World.


22. When she planned for her death.


23. When she fact-checked a troll.

24. When she fact-checked and provided a PSA.

25. When she had a new suitor.

26. When she updated the adage.


27. When she gave them the go-ahead.

28. When she got an idea for a new character.

29. When she gave us this delightful mental image.

30. And this one.


31. When she defined freedom.

32. When she delivered the sweetest slam.

33. When she called out "good liberal bros" for their, yes their, sexism.