Prior to this, the former Daily Show host shocked millions when he supported longtime foe Seth Rollins against John Cena, smashing Cena in the gut with a chair during a championship match.

This turn of events came after months of Jon Stewart feuding with Rollins, which all started when Rollins said he would take over The Daily Show and "actually make it watchable." So, for the 53-year-old comedian to suddenly turn heel and attack Cena while hosting SummerSlam 2015 was obviously a huge surprise to audiences and wrestlers alike. This set up Rollins to become the WWE World and US champion and be immortalized in bronze, and while I won't give away what happened last night, let's just say that John Cena isn't quite finished yet. Once Rollins was driven from the stage, Cena had a score to settle with the anchor who betrayed him. I'm sure this story will keep developing, so stay tuned.

Sources: WWE