Chef Gordon Ramsay and John Legend really couldn't be more different— Ramsay is basically known for screaming scathing insults at cooking show contestants, while John Legend is famous for his silky smooth singing voice and killer piano skills.

However, the two came together for a sketch on The Nightly Show where John Legend set some of Gordon Ramsay's most iconic insults to music. With Legend writing the melodies and Ramsay inadvertently providing the lyrics, these two make beautiful music together.


Ah yes, Legend and Ramsay go together like peanut butter and clam sauce, but how can you go wrong with lyrics like, "I'll get you more pumpkin and shove it right up your f****** arse" and "How the f*** did you burn ice cream?"

Though the"Gordon" album is fictitious, Gordon Ramsay might want take a page out of Legend's book— you catch more flies with a honey-smooth voice than by screaming profanities at people. But hey, Gordon Ramsay without his sharp tongue and fiery temper is just Jamie Oliver.