As John Legend flew into Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, he spotted the perfect opportunity to troll Donald Trump. (He's not going to let Chrissy Teigen have all the Trump-sassing fun.)

Legend took this aerial photo of the National Mall as his plane was landing and posted it to Instagram with a cheeky caption that brilliantly threw shade at our new commander-in-chief.

"As you can see, millions are gathered in the National Mall, awaiting my arrival!!!" Legend wrote in the caption.



John Legend's post seems to be a nod to the tweet that went viral showing side-by-side photos of the crowd at Obama's inauguration in 2009 vs. the one at Trump's in 2017. (Trump later bragged about how big his crowds were.)

Does anybody want to take bets on what ungodly hour Donald Trump will start tweeting angry rants about how John Legend is "overrated" tomorrow morning? I'm going to go with 4:57am. Leave your guess in the comments!