Love finds a way, through all the odds (bear with my Hallmark cliche). In fact, there are times when love finds a way and the rest of the world is like, "Ewww, MUST you find a way?! Haven't we dealt with enough terrifying news for the day?!" Speaking of ewww, John Mayer and Nicki Minaj have been flirting on Twitter, and well, the world isn't ready (NOR SHOULD IT BE).

It all started when Mayer tweeted about the constant curiosity and admiration he holds towards Minaj (welcome to the club, buddy).

"I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not," wrote Mayer.


Much to the surprise of the internet, Minaj responded to Mayer's corny tweet.

Using a musician's lyrics to flirt with them is always a surefire way to get them (way too) excited and flustered.

Mayer was definitely the least ready for Minaj's flirting.


What is this BRB b*llshit on Twitter?! That's not how the platform works, sir.

Which of course, he got roasted for.

As always, Minaj kept her cool.

She has all the power in this situation.


Some people were really feeling the exchange.

While others knew he'd already messed up his shot with Minaj.


Before more people could get on board, Twitter reminded the world of Mayer's racist ideas about dating.

In fact the potential cuteness of this exchange quickly dissolved in light of Mayer's past statement about black women.

You can't have your racist cake AND get your flirt on with Minaj.


Still, plenty of people enjoyed watching Mayer left speechless.

He still hasn't followed up with a better line.


Hopefully, for her sake, it ends here. It was a good show in the meantime.