He'll be hosting WWE 'SummerSlam' on Aug 23rd. Instead of the 'Daily Show.' *sigh* Whatever, Jon, do your thing.

Pictured: a man about to finally live his dream.
Jon Stewart? THAT Jon Stewart? (via Getty)

So, this is happening now.

It might come as a bit of a surprise to the casual Daily Show connoisseur, but Jon Stewart actually has a long, storied history with the WWE. He's a surprisingly hardcore fan, and even had a brief feud in February with Seth Rollins (current World Heavyweight Champion) that ended in an appearance on WWE Raw and a tasteful kick to the groin. Of course, they wanted everyone to know that there's no bad blood, and a couple weeks ago Rollins gave Stewart an "honorary WWE World Heavyweight Championship title" engraved with the Daily Show logo. "Okay," we all thought, "surely this means Jon Stewart is done with wrestling."

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