It turns out if you mess with Jonah Hill, you mess with the entire internet. A video of Hill talking to local reporters at a university in 2014 has resurfaced. It's now going viral because of one particularly dumb question a reporter asked him about his weight.

At the beginning of the video, Hill appears to be discussing his recent weight loss, when the reporter asks him this:

"Are you still considered the fat guy, when you go to a party or anything?"


When Hill doesn't respond right away, the reporter presses on.

"Are you the fat guy in Hollywood still?"

Um... WHAT?! We're not sure exactly what made the reporter think that was an okay question to ask Jonah or any human being for that matter, but here we are.

That kind of question could make anyone lose their cool, but not Jonah Hill. Instead, he had this to say:

"Do you have any other questions... that are smart?"

The footage of the interview has resurfaced, and people on Twitter love Hill's response, but they are NOT HAPPY that that reporter had the gall to mess with their precious Jonah.


Here's a life tip for everyone: don't ever ask anyone if they're considered "the fat guy."

Sources: Buzzfeed