Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on Lip Sync Battle for a special Christmas episode promoting his new movie with Seth Rogen. Well, his promotion was actually our gain, because he really brought it. Facing off against Anthony Mackie (who does strip down to a unitard, to be fair), he won the show by playing Janet Jackson in her famous music video for "Rhythm Nation," with the choreography and everything—even the ponytail.

It's been feeling like Lip Sync Battle has gotten away from its roots. You used to just watch a celebrity mouth along to the musical lyrics of another celebrity, then vote on who mouthed words better. With a whole show to fill, the spectacle has been pushed higher and higher. It didn't seem worth the trade off, until today. Joseph Gordon-Levitt made it all worth it. And the Rhythm Nation, of course.

Sources: Lip Sync Battle on Spike