Josh Duggar may not know how to be a spokesman for Christian values, but his reading comprehension skills are A-OK.

Josh Duggar and his wife Anna announcing the birth of their daughter Meredith in July, two months after closing his Ashley Madison account in the wake of his molestation scandal. (via Josh Duggar)

(This is now Part 3 of Josh Duggar's Second Worst Week of 2015. Part 1, Part 2, Part 4.)

In the wake of revelations about his shockingly boring Ashley Madison accounts (he had two) and his even-more-vanilla OKCupid account, Josh Duggar had the unenviable task of looking at this evidence (we won't even get into his prior molestation scandal) and having to decide whether or not he was a huge, unrepentant hypocrite. This morning, he issued a press release on the subject:

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