It somehow makes the sports car look subdued and tasteful in comparison.
(via Justin Bieber on Instagram)

There are a lot of stories about how people under extreme stress wake up to discover their hair has suddenly turned white, but Justin Bieber may be the first instance of someone who was so constantly a public douchebag and nuisance (see: the terrified and probably illegal monkey he abandoned in Berlin) that their hair spontaneously gave itself a harsh peroxide job. Or, he dyed it. But I like to think that this is just Bieber's body responding to his behavior and broadcasting his toxic personality the way poison dart frogs are bright red so birds know they're deadly to eat. According to a source close to the Biebs, he said about his hair "now I am going to find out if blondes really do have more fun," which does not disprove my theory.

Sources: Hollywood Life