Justin Bieber was nominated for three Grammys this year including the highly-coveted "Album of the Year," but the pop star opted to skip the awards show on Sunday night. He had better things to do, like throw shade at his ex Selena Gomez's new bf, The Weeknd, on Instagram.

This is vindictive, petty, and, I'll be honest, kind of relatable, no?

Justin Bieber was driving around with his friend Alfredo Flores, doing a Q and A with his fans on Instagram Live, when someone asked him his favorite song at the moment. In the video he replies, totally deadpan: "Uh, 'Starboy' by the Weeknd."


The singer then giggles for about 20 seconds straight before saying: "We’ve got to end it now. Oh, that was too funny. Bang, bang!"

Shade level: High.

You can watch the video here:

We already know how Justin Bieber feels about Selena Gomez's new flame, because last month when asked if he could listen to a song by The Weeknd, he said, "Hell no, I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That shit’s whack."


Wow, Biebs. Wow.

Bieber and Gomez have been apart since 2014, which makes this even more petty and childish. But at the same time, I get it—sometimes you just want to blow off important responsibilities to stay home and hate on your ex's new love. This might be the most relatable thing Justin Bieber has ever done.